Farouq Samnani's Back In The Days Project
Farouq Samnani's Back In The Days Project


My first introduction to Hip Hop came about, as a young kid, when my cousin gave me a copy of the 1984 film "Breakin" along with the film's soundtrack on vinyl. The song "Tour De France", by Kraftwerk, was the first break-beat sound I had ever heard. The breakdancing, the graffiti, the street fashion and street slang in the movie also gave me my first visual impression of Hip Hop culture.

Jamel Shabazz's photography brings back the same nostalgic feeling of intrigue and excitement that I experienced back then. Jamel's photo-book "Back In The Days" inspired the artwork and project.

Note: There were many MC's and DJ's who I didn't include in the final artwork simply because I ran out of space.


In the 80's, Brooklyn was synonymous for Hip Hop culture, its streets became an urban catwalk for the people and faces who gave birth to Hip Hop style. From Cazal glasses and bamboo earings, at least two pairs, to the Kangol wool hats and oversized boomboxes. But the one thing that stood out for me were the kicks, the Nike Blazers and retro Jordan's, the Adidas Supertars, and Gazelles.

Run DMC became most notable for wearing their Adidas Superstars with no laces and the tongue pushed out, imitating how felons wore their kicks inside a prison. This endorsement by the legendary Hip Hop group paved the way for the sneaker culture, and has influenced the success of today's sneaker industry. The concept of the artwork and project incorporates graffiti art, Hip Hop music and retro sneakers.

Farouq Samnani's Back In The Days Project


"Back In The Days" Artwork

Art Print / Original Black & White (31"x 23")

Farouq Samnani's Back In The Days Project

Art Print / Colour Remix (31"x 23")

Farouq Samnani's Back In The Days Project


About a year ago, I shared with my friend and Director Theo Kim the creative for "Back In the Days Project". I remember telling him how I wanted to show the process on Film. Fast forward a year later, this project is now something I can keep as a reminder of a very important time in my life. I'm grateful to TK and his team at TGK Films for capturing that memory on film. I'm also very grateful and happy to share this with you all. Bless!


Farouq Samnani's Back In The Days Project